ZeeVee appoints BTX Technologies as ZvBox, HDbridge distributor

BTX Technologies has been appointed a distributor for ZeeVee's ZvBox and HDbridge lines of HD encoding/RF modulation products.

For BTX's customers, ZeeVee solutions provide ease of use and value by converting video sources, such as digital signage players, satellite receivers or any other content device into digital cable channels that can be broadcast over existing coax cabling to an unlimited number of HDTVs.

Allowing up to 135 simultaneous channels on the same coax cable, ZeeVee's HDbridge and ZvBox digital video distribution products are well suited for a variety of applications.

ZeeVee's ZvBox encoder/modulators offer up to 1080p output and feature a video processor that delivers 60f/s for tough-to-reproduce video. The economical ZvBox line includes the ZvPro 280 encoder/modulator, which features an RS-232 port for integration with standard control systems.