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Zarlink Launches New 'All Standards' Compliant DTV Tuner

Zarlink Semiconductor was another company announcing a new DTV tuner last week. Zarlink's The press release says the ZL10060 tuner is an "All Standards Compliant" tuner and that it complies with all current global broadcast standards, including DVB-T, DVB-C, ATSC and DMB-T. The ZL10060 datasheet, however, does not mention ATSC or VSB, although it does list ISDB-T as one of the applications. As phase stability requirements for COFDM signals such as DVB-T are greater than for 8-VSB/ATSC signals, a tuner that works well for DVB-T should also work well for ATSC.

The product information page says the tuner features a greater than 50 dB desired to undesired ratio without pre-filtering, greater than 41 dB IF AGC control range and separate analog and digital IF outputs. The tuner uses single conversion and includes power-down modes "to support power reduction initiatives."

Noise figure is specified as 6 dB typical, 8 dB maximum at UHF with no image correction. See the datasheet for detailed information on intermodulation performance.

In early Oct, Zarlink signed an agreement to sell the assets of their RF front-end consumer business to Intel Corporation. The sale is expected to close later this month. Zarlink's DTV products such as the ZL10060 will be included in Intel's products.