Z University introduces Intern Toolkit to manage college internship programs

Z University (ZU), an advocate of practical development for emerging young professionals, has introduced Intern Toolkit, a proprietary system designed to show businesses how to manage interns and utilize students’ capabilities to increase productivity, save time and create real value.

Intern Toolkit provides businesses with step-by-step guidance and reveals effective practices to recruit, train and manage student interns. The product features practical insights, templates and reference materials, and includes a student-training curriculum to develop core business skills.

Intern Toolkit has nearly 60 components among seven modules: program planning tools, recruitment tools, screening and hiring tools, orientation tools, work management tools, performance measurement tools and skill development training tools. The contents are organized in a tabbed spiral binder and provided on a CD-ROM so users can adapt it to their styles.

Those who wish to evaluate the merits and viability of having an internship program can take ZU’s automated feasibility-value assessment, as well as benefit from other free resources, available at www.ZUniversity.org.

Intern Toolkit is available for purchase online at www.InternToolkit.com.