Yankees on a Winning Streak With RF Central

The New York Yankees are now using RF Central microwave gear to enhance high-definition coverage of their baseball games

RF Central’s CMT-II camera-mounted transmitter and RMR-X6-II-D diversity receiver allow fans to take in game-day action both on the playing field and also on the sidelines.

“RF Central’s equipment blew the competitor’s gear out of the ballpark and met the high standards of what was expected for the wireless demands of the new Yankee Stadium,” said Michael Bonner, the Yankee’s senior director of scoreboard and broadcasting operations. “RF Central also met our needs as far as specifications for frequency go, and we now for the first time ever have no interference with other equipment. RF Central’s gear made it possible to have a clear signal almost anywhere in the stadium.”

Bonner added that the new gear will be used in more than 100 scheduled live events this year.