Yankee Group: DVRs to Reach 24.7 Million Homes by 2007

A Yankee Group survey indicates that penetration of DVRs picked up during 2003, but remained sluggish compared to other consumer electronics products. Approximately 3.2 million homes will have DVRs by the end of 2003, up 40 percent from 1.8 million homes at the end of 2002, YG found. The figures include standalone DVRs and those integrated into cable and DBS set-tops and other devices. It does not, however, include DVR services being tested by cable operators nor PC-based recording applications.

Key assumptions in developing the forecast included aggressive pricing based on News Corp.'s acquisition of DirecTV; increased cable DVR offerings; and increasing DVR integration into other consumer electronics devices, among other things. The breakdown of penetration by DBS, cable and standalone/integrated devices is as follows for the years stated. The figures represent individual DVRs deployed according to source, not total number of households with DVRs:

DBS, 1.6 million
Cable, .5 million
S/I, 1.1 million

DBS, 2.7 million
Cable, 1.4 million
S/I, 1.7 million

DBS, 4.6 million
Cable, 4.1 million
S/I, 2.5 million

DBS, 7.3 million
Cable, 7.4 million
S/I, 5.2 million

DBS, 9.9 million
Cable, 10.9 million
S/I, 8.5 million