Yangaroo Launches DMDS API

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA — Yangaroo has launched a Digital Media Distribution System platform API. It enables advertising agencies and broadcasters to digitally transport the data from their media and traffic management systems into DMDS. This eliminates the need to rekey data, reduces the potential for error in the distribution process, and makes it easier for partners, customers and broadcasters to integrate with Yangaroo while maintaining their existing systems and workflows.

DMDS powers Yangaroo Advertising, a Web-based and hardware-free service that enables senders, such as advertising agencies, to deliver high-quality audio and video files to broadcasters around the globe. It includes a fully-automated traffic management system called “Reporter,” which merges personalized traffic instructions with a signed and date-stamped confirmation that traffic instructions have been received, providing a significant competitive advantage.

With the API, advertising clients can use the web-based user interface or interact with their existing systems by adding a few lines of code. The DMDS API enables access to platform features like integrations with Ad-ID, metadata, and QC details about media files and a suite of cloud-based post-production tools. The API is an extension of DMDS’ existing digital-distribution capabilities.