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WWE selects Snell & Wilcox signal conversion gear for digital upgrade

Snell & Wilcox's Ukon universal converter

Facilitating its transition to digital high-definition production and distribution, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has selected a full complement of standards converters from Snell & Wilcox. The facility purchased a Ukon universal converter and has upgraded its Alchemist Platinum Ph.C standards converter to include HD outputs. The new converters will help the network present its professional wrestling events in HD.

The Alchemist Platinum Ph.C creates high-quality conversions through its built-in phase correlation, motion-estimation technology. The system is fully upgradeable, allowing WWE to purchase the system SD conversion and easily adapt it to support HD feeds when required.

The Ukon provides up-, down- and cross-conversion, either singly or in any combination. It’s designed to handle different frame rates, image sizes and aspect ratios, while offering a wide range of features, such as tilt, pan and zoom; timecode conversion with precise frame mapping; comprehensive audio handling; and 3:2 cadence detection and repair. The system executes all these functions at the same time in a single pass.

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