Wristband Drone Prototype Unveiled

SAN FRANCISCO—A team of devs have created a wristband drone. The Nixie wearable drone targets folks who want to capture themselves doing something amazing, or at least not captureable in the normal selfie mode.

“Let’s just build a flying wristband that can do aerial photography, too,” inventor and Nixie found Christoph Kohstall says in the team’s YouTube demo. “You should be able, with a gesture, to tell the quadcopter to unfold, then it’s going to take off from your wrist. It knows where you are, turns around, takes a picture of you, and comes back. You can catch it from the air and put it back on your wrist.”

Kophstall and Co. are in the prototyping stage, competing in the Make It Wearable Challenge finale coming up in San Francisco Nov. 3. The competition is organized by Intel and carries a $500,000 grand prize.

Other finalists in the challenge include a low-cost robotic hand, a body warming/cooling wristband and “emotional prosthetics,” among others.