WRGB launches HD newscasts with Ross production switcher

In 2006, the upstate New York station acquired a multidefinition Ross Video production switcher used in SD mode that it converted to HD operation for its HD launch in January.
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To mark its 80th year broadcasting, WRGB-TV, serving Albany, NY, launched HD operations, including the production of 30 hours of local news per week, with the help of a Ross Synergy 4 MDX multidefinition production switcher.

WRGB, the CBS affiliate serving Albany, NY, kicked off local HD news coverage in January with an HD-capable Ross Synergy 4 MDX multidefinition production switcher it acquired in 2006.

To enter its 80th year of broadcasting, WRGB launched HD telecasts Jan. 13. The station, which was using the multidefinition switcher in SD mode for about a year, seamlessly converted to HD operations using the same production switcher to meet its HD requirements.

Owned by Freedom Communications, the station is part of a duopoly serving Albany from its transmitter site in New Scotland, NY. WRGB and its sister station WCWN, a CW affiliate, operate out of the same facility in Niskayuna, NY. At 7 a.m. on Jan. 14, the CW affiliate also went on-air in HD.

WRGB began broadcasting from a 12sq-ft radio studio in 1928. Today, it broadcasts from a 50,000sq-ft communications complex. The station originates 30 hours of local newscasts each week and five hours per week on the WCWN.

For more information, visit www.rossvideo.com.