Worldwide IPTV subscriptions approach 22 million; North America shows strong growth, says report

A new report prepared for the Broadband Forum indicates the global economic environment has not deterred more people from subscribing to IPTV services

IPTV subscribers by regionRegion2007Q4_Total2008Q4_Total Western Europe 7,045,860 10,388,000 North America 1,774,671 3,835,544 South & East Asia 1,840,000 3,615,000 Asia-Pacific 2,199,828 3,082,182 Eastern Europe 465,223 884,466 Latin America 8,991 21,495 Middle East & Africa 10,000 10,000 Global total13,344,57321,836,687Source: Data provided for the Broadband Forum by Point Topic.

Last year, despite global economic decline, the number of IPTV subscribers worldwide grew 63 percent compared to the 2007 level, and the IPTV market in North America more than doubled last year, according to the findings of a new report.

The latest statistics from the Broadband Forum released in late March show the North American IPTV market grew 113 percent to 3,835,544 subscribers. Worldwide the total number of IPTV subscribers reached 21.7 million.

The report, prepared for the Broadband Forum by analysts Point Topic, showed that North America led all other regions, including South and East Asia and Latin America, in the fourth quarter of 2008 with 19 percent growth vs. 12 percent growth for both regions.

The report shows demand for broadband and IPTV continues to grow despite the economic situation facing the globe, said George Dobrowski, chairman and president of the Broadband Forum.