World Cup: ESPN, Casablanca Tap For-A HD Frame Rate Converter

Casablanca Service Provider, a large audio/video production house in Brazil, and ESPN in the U.S. recently chose For-A's FRC-7000 HD frame rate converter for use during the 2006 World Cup, which continues through July 9.

For-A said the new unit is being used to convert frame rates prior to transmission. Introduced at NAB2006 a couple of months ago, the FRC-7000 uses motion compensation processing with motion vectors to convert field frequencies, enabling conversion between different HD frame rates.

The FRC-7000 converts frame rates between 1080/59.94i and 50i, and between 720/59.94p and 50p. Its motion compensation technology reduces judder and video resolution deterioration. The frame rate converter detects scene cuts automatically to alleviate generation of motion compensation images from unrelated cuts in the frames before and after.

The unit also provides for genlock (generator lock), according to For-A. Process control can be performed for post-conversion video, and chroma level, chroma phase, set-up level and clips can be adjusted to produce optimal quality.