WNET uses Harris ReCon for remote monitoring

WNET-TV/DT, New York City, has purchased Harris's remote control and facility management tool, ReCon.

The Harris ReCon communicates with broadcast, network and facility-control equipment. It uses Internet Protocol (IP) to connect stations with both local and remote transmitters.

The station will install ReCon at its transmitter site to monitor and control analog and digital transmitters as well as other transmitter site equipment.

The ReCon is a remote control and facility management system for radio and television transmitter sites that offers greater manageability, reliability and efficiency than the current contact closure remote control systems. By harnessing the power of accessible IP networks, ReCon communicates with a diverse list of broadcast, network, and facility control equipment including tower lights, HVAC and facility security.

ReCon is web-enabled, monitors SNMP and is capable of remote operation via any Windows-based computer. The software is scalable and customizable, and can control Harris as well as many non-Harris transmitters through serial interface.

For more information visit www.broadcast.harris.com.

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