WMAR Uses Volicon Observer for Promo Creation

BURLINGTON, MASS. – “Good Morning Maryland” on Baltimore’s ABC affiliate station WMAR-TV has accelerated the creation of promo materials with the addition of Volicon’s Observer Media Intelligence Platform. Using Observer allows WMAR-TV to capture high-resolution aired content, review video and extract select clips for editing, allowing the creative team to turnaround a 15-second spot with the efficiency of a larger team, according to the company.

The Observer continually records WMAR-TV’s original broadcast to provide full-resolution footage for the station’s creative team that is readily available and editable. A team member can browse and mark a low-resolution clip and export to a folder in its full-resolution where it can be instantly grabbed by the editor and transcoded into Final Cut Pro. The Observer also allows multiple simultaneous users to access recorded material at any time.

“The Observer system has become the cornerstone of our GMM promo-creation workflow,” said Alex Shaw, director of creative services at WMAR-TV. “It’s an invaluable tool for creating quick-turn spots involving events or new clips that just aired… allowing us to promote our news in a way that we never could before.”