Wireless Mic Comment Period Extended

WASHINGTON: The Federal Communications Commission has extended the deadline for filing comments on its wireless microphone proceeding. The new deadlines are Jan. 25, 2013 for comments, and March 12, 2013 for replies. The extension marks the second in as many weeks.

The proceeding seeks feedback on how to reserve and designate frequencies for wireless microphones in the post-incentive auction TV band. It is not yet known how many frequencies in the band will be relinquished for wireless broadband. The FCC is seeking to reclaim 120 MHz—about 40 percent of the spectrum now designated for TV broadcasting. Wireless mics have traditionally used unoccupied frequencies within the TV band.

Under the commission’s 2010 white-spaces proceeding, wireless mics were given priority on Chs. 14 and 51. The higher of the two will likely disappear for TV and wireless mic use after the incentive auction, now tentatively planned for 2014.

The commission is soliciting comments on how wireless mics can be made to be more efficient. Doug Lung has more details here.

The related Docket Nos. are 08-166, Revisions to Rules Authorizing the Operation of Low-Power Auxiliary Stations in the 6988-806 MHz Band; 08-167, Public Interest Spectrum Coalition, Petition for Rulemaking Regarding Low-Power Auxiliary Stations, Including Wireless Microphones, and the Digital Television Transition; and 10-24, Amendment of Parts 15, 74 and 90 of the Commission’s Rules Regarding Low-Power Auxiliary Stations, including Wireless Microphones.