Wild West Media deploys Quantel's eQ

Wild West Media, a video facility based in Orange County, CA, has purchased a Quantel eQ editing, effects, grading, mastering system for high-end video graphics and effects.

The eQ has been integrated with Wild West Media's existing editing systems and handles the facility's online editing, color correction, compositing, motion tracking, conforming, ingest and output.

In addition to the eQ, it also has two Quantel QEffects software-only programs that run on separate workstations. Those units can interface with the eQ to access its render and output capabilities.

eQ was designed by Quantel to deliver four revenue streams for its owners within a single machine. It combines editing, effects, and color grading at SD, HD, or mixed resolutions.

The system is available in a range of configurations to suit all post and broadcast needs. The range starts with an eQ Pay as you Go HD system and escalates, via the high-specification eQ FX, through to the high-power eQ HD-RGB model.

For more information, visit www.quantel.com.