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Widelity Launches Service to Avoid FCC Fines

(Image credit: Widelity)

FAIRFAX, Va.—Professional services company Widelity Corporation is launching a new practice division with the task of helping TV and radio stations maintain compliance with FCC Online Public Information File requirements and avoiding fines.

Citing staff reductions because of COVID-19 and approaching renewal deadlines for filings regarding political advertising, EEO compliance, updating issues/program files, children’s programming and more, Widelity is providing an outsourcing option so these filings can be made on time.

The new service offers broadcasters a partner that can monitor and manage deadlines and handle filings.

The company says that it has already assisted 400 TV and radio stations with filing requirements, with a focus on regions with imminent filing deadlines for renewals.

For more information, stations can contact Mike Lasky ( or Jim Glogowski (, or visit