WHTM-TV relies on diversity receiver for live coverage of home makeover

WHTM-TV was the eyes and ears for Harrisburg, PA, residents as they tuned in during a seven-day period to watch community laborers join together to renovate the home of a deserving family during the ABC 27 News’ Midstate Home Makeover.

Mirroring the format of the ABC network’s “Extreme Home Makeover,” ABC 27 captured every step using two of RF Central’s RFX-CMT-II wireless camera transmitters and two of its RFX-RMRTD diversity receivers.

Throughout the week, ABC 27 News programs covered the progress of the home’s reconstruction during each of its multidaily broadcasts as a team of contractors and engineers gave the house an overhaul to meet the needs of the family’s 12 adopted children, most of whom have mental or physical disabilities.

According to ABC 27 director of photojournalism Bryan Barr, the RF Central’s wireless camera set allowed the station to cover the busy construction site without having to drag cables. The CMT-II let crews freely roam throughout the house, as well as on top and below the home, without interfering with the work, he said. Additionally, the RFX-RMRTD diversity system let the station transmit coverage from around the 4000sq-ft farm house and even from the basement without a hitch, he said.

WHTM-TV’s coverage culminated after seven days, when ABC 27 unveiled the home’s final reconstruction and interviewed the family live on-site, which involved the use of two CMT-IIs that captured each revamped house.

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