Who needs viewers? We've got awards!

There may not be much HDTV to watch yet, but that hasn't stopped the PR machine at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) from backing a DTV awards show through its annual HDTV Summit.

Last week in Washington, D.C., the 2002 Academy of Digital Television Pioneers Awards were announced. The recipients are:

  • Best DTV Broadcast Network - CBS
  • Best Local DTV Broadcaster - WETA, PBS affiliate in Washington, D.C.
  • Best DTV Cable System - Time Warner
  • Best DTV Satellite Provider - DirecTV
  • Best DTV Satellite Programmer - HDNet
  • Best DTV Sporting Event - NBC 2002 Winter Olympics
  • Best Original DTV Material - NBC 2002 Winter Olympics
  • DTV Industry Leadership Award - Gary Shapiro, CEA
  • DTV Government Leadership Award - FCC Chairman Michael Powell
  • DTV Retailer Leadership Award - Three-way tie: Best Buy, Circuit City, Tweeter
  • DTV Press Leadership Award - HDTV Magazine
  • The People's Choice Award - The Soprano's, HBO

For more information visit www.ce.org

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