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Wheel of Fortune energizes graphics with Inscriber CG-FX

The CBS Electronics Department is using Inscriber’s CG-FX character generator software to create and display real-time graphics that reveal contestant scores and more for its popular game show, Wheel of Fortune. The show celebrates its 20th anniversary in syndication this year.

CG-FX includes the ability to combine streams of data with video and graphics. Live broadcast productions such as game shows, sporting events, telethons, and news and election coverage can include stunning graphics and real-time animations while integrating statistics or other newswire information automatically.

It offers real-time 3D effects along with the new capability to develop custom programmed interfaces using the popular Inscriber RTX API. The software facilitates the creation of custom user interfaces to streamline data-entry operation and facilitate immediate display of the latest sports scores, statistics, clocks or breaking election and news information.

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