Wheatstone lands TV projects in Baltimore

Two Baltimore-area TV stations are installing Wheatstone control surfaces as part of their conversion to HD broadcasting. Both will be installing Wheatsone D-Series digital control surfaces, supporting both analog and digital sources and destinations, with inherent scalability to support future needs.

Sinclair station WBFF-TV, a FOX affiliate, will be installing the D-7 system in its new HD control room. The D-7 control surface will communicate with two networked Bridge router frames that provide an assortment of analog, digital and mic level sources. Any source may be called up on any fader, and 99 show presets consisting of various source sets, buss assigns, EQ/dynamics settings and mix-minus setups may be saved.

Baltimore’s NBC affiliate, Hearst-Argyle station WBAL-TV, has ordered a new Wheatstone D-10 system for its HD build-out. The new system, purchased through Communications Engineering of Newington, VA, will consist of two networked Bridge router frames and a 32-fader D-10 control surface. Included in the system is Wheatstone’s Translator interface to allow seamless communication and source sharing with the plant’s existing Utah router.

For more information, visit www.wheatstone.com.

View Wheatstone’s D12 TV console at NAB2008.