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Whale Researchers Fly in Fujinon Blimp

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) recently studied natural whale behavior off the coast of Cape Cod with the help of Fujinon .

Researchers used a six pound Fujinon HD ENG-style lens with a TS-48A external optical stabilization systems and EP-5E-10D pan/tilt system to capture HD images of Humpback, Fin and endangered Right whales. The images and data captured will be shared with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and various marine sanctuaries and aquariums in New England. With the Fujinon Blimp, the researchers were able to get close (near the legal limit of 1,500 feet) without affecting the behavior of the Right whale, according to Woods Hole.

Three cameras--including a remote head Sony HDC-950 and WHOI HDTV Stereo mini-camera system--were mounted under the airship. Fujinon pan/tilt system steers the direction of the cameras. A Sony HDC-X300 with a Fujinon 4.8mm wide-angle lens and a Sony HDW-700a/HDC-950 gyro-stabilized camera with a Fujinon A22x7.8BERD lens were also used in the study.