WGBH Taps Xytech MediaPulse for Facility and Asset Management

BOSTON—WGBH Television and Radio of Boston has installed Xytech’s MediaPulse Sky for facilities and asset management.

According to Erik Nordin, WGBH’s technical project manager, the PBS station decided it was time to take the next step in streamlining their facilities management capabilities, and chose to implement Xytech’s Media Pulse. As long-time Xytech Enterprise clients, they were particularly drawn to the software’s web-based Media Pulse Sky user interface, which offers a focus on mobile, with zero-touch deployment and no client installation, among other features.

WGBH also chose to deploy MediaPulse in its Creative department, an area requiring some of the same scheduling and billing needs, and worked with Xytech’s Director of Product Integration and Workflow Automation, Tanmay Goel, to customize the solution to their unique needs.

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Using the MediaPulse Development Platform, Goel created a custom-configured front-end that allowed WGBH’s Creative users to raise requests that are automatically converted to MediaPulse Work Orders so the staff could schedule quickly and easily. The scheduled events are then seamlessly processed into invoices, significantly reducing the latency period.

“You can contemplate about your work, you can schedule it, you can create the items and deliver the invoices all at the user level,” Nordin said. “This enables us to move more quickly and efficiently as a business. We are also excited about completing development on the API and even more, including further linking it with our financial systems.” WGBH will use the MediaPulse Development Platform to take invoices and other financial transactions and post them into their station’s general ledger system.

At the 2018 NAB show, Xytech will be in booth SL4305 demonstrating its latest facilities management products, including its DASH subscription service, which is based on the Azure cloud platform. 

Claudia Kienzle