Westinghouse Sows Seeds of 'Greenvue' HD

Westinghouse Greenvue
Westinghouse Digital Electronics is attempting to grow the concept of "going green" within the HD community by rolling out what it calls its new "ultra-green" LCD HD (model SK-26H640G 26).

And in its less-power-to-the-people department, the newly labeled "Greenvue" unit seems to have one big thing going for it: It measures only 26 inches diagonally (perhaps best suited for a second kitchen or bathroom screen).

Westinghouse said in a statement that its Greenvue LCD set can represent "up to a 20-percent power-savings over the Environmental Protection Agency's requirements and the Department of Energy's Energy Star 3.0 specification standards for power consumption." (All 2009 Westinghouse LCD HD models are said to be compliant with Energy Star 3.0 or better.)

The firm said its greening applications continue to steadily improve each year in all aspects of production (including eco-efficiencies in its assembly plant activities, as well). Its latest Greenvue 26-inch LCD delivers up to 40 percent lower power consumption than its own comparable models a year ago, Westinghouse said. The 26-inch Greenvue LCD model (with MSRP of about $350) is 720p.