Western region completes inventory submission

Inventories of existing microwave equipment are necessary as part of the process to relocate Broadcast Auxiliary Service operations to 12MHz digital channels.
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All stations with licenses to operate Broadcast Auxiliary Service at 2GHz in the western region of the United States have submitted their equipment inventories to Sprint Nextel, according to the company.

Under the terms of the BAS relocation agreement, the telecommunication company will reimburse broadcasters for the equipment and labor costs associated with refarming the spectrum used for ENG shots into 12MHz digital channels. Inventories of microwave antennas, transmitters, receivers and ancillary equipment are required to advance the relocation project.

Sprint Nextel divided the country into eight regions for the purpose of the 2GHz relocation project. The western region joins the northeast region in completing and submitting 100 percent of its stations’ inventories.

The Federal Communications Commission has set a September 2007 deadline to complete the relocation of BAS Channels 1 through 7 to operate on 12MHz channels between 2025MHz and 2110MHz.

For more information, visit www.2ghzrelocation.com.