Wescam system delivers aerials for series of Mexican bicentennial promos

To shoot aerial footage for Mexico's "Stars of the Bicentennial" production, cinematographer David Torres recently used Pictorvision's Wescam system.

Shot over 11 months, the series of three-minute promos, produced by The Mates, celebrates the 200th anniversary of the founding of Mexico. Torres shot the promos with Phantom and RED ONE cameras.

"Wescam's configuration and stability allowed us to install the RED camera with a variety of Optimo zooms, including extremely wide-angle lenses in our various air support vehicles," Torres said. "It was also necessary to have a proven, extremely stable, system that would work in a variety of adverse weather conditions."

Add to that, Torres' needed to have a known entity that could go anywhere in the world without being bogged down for weeks waiting for an export license to clear. With the unrestricted version of the Wescam, Torres was able to move back and forth between countries and between borders within Mexico without restriction.