Webcasters Go to Air via T-DMB

Transmission network operator TDF has struck an agreement with the French national association of webcasters to include transmissions from France Webradios members in its T-DMB Audio experiments.

The transmissions began on 5 February and originate from the TDF L-band and VHF band III multiplexes on the Eiffel Tower, serving the Paris region.

A dozen webcasters, will rotate on the channel in 30 minute blocks for the three-week trail. Webcasters providing content for the T-DMB Audio channel are Paris One, MplusM, La Grosse Radio, Radio LinaSunLine, Electra, Live 9, Click'N'Rock, iMixx, Fréquence Metz, Hag' FM, Radio DLV and World Radio Paris.

"This is a unique opportunity for webcasters to make themselves better known and for Parisian listeners to discover new content," stated France Webradios President Sébastien Petit.

For TDF, the experiment is a technical trial of inserting programming from the Internet into a T-DMB Audio bouquet, as well as a demonstration of how digital radio can support new formats and concepts.