WBAL-TV relies on DNF Controls USP systems

WBAL-TV, the Hearst-Argyle-owned NBC affiliate serving the Baltimore area, has incorporated two DNF Controls Universal Switch Panel systems into its new HD production control room to facilitate simple and immediate control for the station's delay box.

The USP-8 units give WBAL-TV staff a clear, hands-on way to control delay when profanity or other undesirable audio or video content arises during a live broadcast.

The DNF Controls USP-8 is a panel with eight multipurpose, configurable pushbutton switches, each of which features a backlit LCD display — capable of displaying red, green and amber colors, flashing or solid — that displays "on" and "off" text legends and indicates tally status.

The USP-8 emulates the operation of mechanical pushbuttons while adding a high degree of flexibility and application-specific functionality not available in conventional pushbutton panels. The two units installed at WBAL-TV are situated to either side of the switcher and multiviewer wall.

For more information, visit www.dnfcontrols.com.