WAWS-TV completes overhaul of ENG microwave systems for BAS relocation

WAWS-TV in Jacksonville, FL, has completed its 2GHz Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) relocation after an overhaul of its microwave equipment.

With three technicians on-site over a seven-day period, RF Central replaced three transmitters and two receivers as well as the station’s remote control unit to help WAWS-TV through its transition. In addition, two of WAWS-TV’s mobile trucks required a full Nycoil replacement.

RF Central provided the station with loaner electronic newsgathering (ENG) trucks that allowed the station to maintain its normal day-to-day newsgathering from the field while the station’s trucks were being upgraded for digital transmission on the relocated 2GHz BAS spectrum, said station engineer Joe Brown.

In March, the FCC gave BAS licensees and Sprint-Nextel until March 2009 to complete the relocation project. Originally, the project was to be completed by September 2007 after an initial 31.5 months of work.

For more information, visit www.rfcentral.com.