Waterproof HD Sets for the Shower

It was only a matter of time, of course. Soon available for shower and bath stalls in some parts of the United Kingdom will be waterproof DTV monitors (a 17-inch SD model for terrestrial Freeview and a 19-inch HD-ready screen) from Envirovision.

The firm claims it is what its units do not have that make them attractive — including no brackets to fit and seal, no separate TV chassis to fit, no separate glass panels, no problem of dust trapping. According to the Envirovision Web site, the moisture-protected monitors easily fit over cutouts, with sealing and secure fastening made directly with the finished wall surface.

The units come with waterproof speakers that do not need to be embedded in walls or ceilings. The 19-inch, HD-ready version comes with HDMI inputs and screens that the firm claims "heat twice as fast" as others to help avoid misting up in the tub or shower