Washington Post Launches Video Channel

WASHINGTON— The Washington Post’s new digital video channel for the Web and mobile is using AP ENPS as its core production system.

PostTV’s first live program, “On Background,” launched July 29. With the help of AP ENPS, the channel will produce additional live programs as well as news clips for a planned 30 hours of video per month.

AP ENPS centralizes the production of PostTV, with most of the staff using Macs. Scripting, planning, contacts and contact call logging are essential, as is ENPS Mobile, which enables staff to work in the production system while out of the office.

“As we launched new original programming on PostTV, we were searching for an established production system that would tie it all together,” said Andrew Pergam, senior editor of video at The Washington Post. “ENPS allowed us to focus on what mattered: producing the best political video journalism.”

“As PostTV grows, the integration of AP ENPS with more systems will add an increasing amount of efficiency, allowing PostTV to be more nimble, enhancing the video information experience for viewers,” said Director of ENPS Lee Perryman.