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Warner Discs to include Three Versions of ‘Polar Express’

In a “first” for the Hollywood studio that was a loyal holdout for HD DVD till the very end last winter, Warner Bros. said this week it plans to release three versions of its computer-animated holiday feature, “The Polar Express,” with a day-and date issuance on standard DVD along with dual rollouts on Blu-ray featuring the original theater 2-D version and a new 3-D version.

The new red/blue anaglyphic 3-D transfer will require the use of special glasses—four pairs of which will come with each Blu-ray disc set.

The same bonus features that came with the original 2-D Blu-ray release last fall will be included in the new Blu-ray version, featuring Tom Hanks, whose face was used as computer models for several of the film’s animated characters, as well as music by Josh Grogan.

Warner Bros. has not issued the technical specs for the 2-D or 3-D versions yet, according to High-Def Digest.