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Warner adds Facebook to BD Live

What if you provided an array of interactive online options to your Blu-ray Disc menu and nobody seemed to care? That’s basically the problem facing producers and content owners that have spent time and money placing extra bonus features (beyond standard DVD fare) and additional Internet resources (BD Live) on their Blu-ray titles.

Judging by the slow growth of Blu-ray in a weak economy, BD Live has not proven to be the technological flavor of the month. Not yet, anyway.

The latest attempt to make BD Live the latest cool tool is from Warner Home Video, which is building into its latest Blu-ray titles an easy way for consumers to connect and interact with social network Facebook’s tens of millions of users who are watching the same Warner content. The studio’s first foray into the Facebook crowd will come in its popular “Watchmen” title.

It’s sort of like chatting out loud in a movie theater during the film without getting yelled at. The Warner Blu-ray scheme will allow users to interact with their Facebook network while viewing the movie in a BD Live environment and conduct a sort of “community screening” with friends who own compatible Blu-ray players that allow BD Live interaction.