Ward-Beck Systems Products Add Ravenna/AES67 Connectivity

MUNICH & TORONTO—Ward-Beck Systems, a Toronto-based provider of broadcast equipment, has announced that it has added Ravenna/AES67 connectivity to some of its products. Among the company’s set of products that now come with Ravenna/AES67 connectivity include the AMS2-N two-channel monitor, AMS8-N eight channel monitor, 32ME-N dual 16 channel network converter with metering, and MLC8-N eight channel converter with metering and level control.

Ravenna is a technology for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in an IP-based network. The Ravenna technology was developed by Munich-based R&D company ALC NetworX.

Ward-Beck joins a group of other companies that are part of what ALC NetworX calls the Ravenna community. Other members include 2wcom, Calrec, GatesAir, Lawo, Linear Acoustic, Riedel, Sennheiser and more.