WABC-TV Adds Mobile HD Edit Stations

WABC-TV, the New York City ABC Network/Walt Disney Co. O&O station, has contracted with system’s manufacturer 1 Beyond to deploy nine 1 Beyond HF OctoFlex Rugged ENG management systems. These will be constructed with Grass Valley’s Aurora HD editing and file management software and are to be delivered in special heavy duty rack enclosures especially designed for ENG vans.

The packages include shock mounted disc drives and redundant modular power supplies for extra reliability.

“The HD OctoFlex Rugged, together with the Grass Valley Aurora editing platform, offers the necessary speed and ease of maintenance to help our broadcast customers do their job quickly and reliably,” said 1 Beyond’s president, Terry Cullen President. “The Aurora platform is the preferred editing software for our HD OctoFlex Rugged ENG Truck systems and is used by the ABC O&O stations, both in the field and in the studio.”

With the deployment of the latest group of 1 Beyond products, ABC O&Os across the United Stated are now using more than 50 mobile and portable editing stations, all equipped with Grass Valley Aurora editing capacity.