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VUDU launches 1080p 24fps delivery of HD movies via the Internet

Santa Clara, CA-based VUDU Oct. 2 launched HDX, a new video format for the delivery of 1080p HDTV content via the Internet that’s optimized for 40in and larger HDTVs and home theaters.

HDX content is displayed in 1080p at 24fps and provides surround sound, which the company says offers a bit rate 40 percent higher than surround sound available on standard DVDs.

At the core of HDX is VUDU's TruFilm, which is designed to optimize the encoding, transmission and display of HDX movies on HDTVs and larger home theater screens, the company said.

According to VUDU, TruFilm removes artifacts from dark areas (which often occur in movies distributed via the Internet), preserves film grain, employs statistical variable bit rate encoding allocating a greater encoding budget to high-detail and high-motion segments, and performs color gradient processing.

VUDU has compiled a library of 65 films, which are currently available in the new HDX format, and will offer every newly released HD title in the new format.

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