VSB Seminars Scheduled

Four all-day VSB seminars have been scheduled for this summer, with the possibility of more being added. These seminars, which I've covered in previous RF Reports, not only provide an opportunity to learn more about how VSB transmission and reception works, but serve as a forum for local broadcasters to discuss DTV transmission problems they are having and share solutions. As the DTV transition nears its end and the number of DTV viewers increases, making sure your DTV transmissions meet the ATSC standards is critical.

This summer's seminars are in Kansas City, Mo. (July 13, 2005), New Orleans, La. (July 23, 2005), Honolulu, Hawaii (Aug. 4, 2005) and Norfolk, Va. (Sept. 16, 2005). Other seminars are in the process of being arranged for Seattle, Wash. (Oct. 2005), Baltimore, Md. (summer or fall), Austin, Texas (fall), Atlanta, Ga. (fall) and Raleigh, N.C. (fall).

For additional information, see the DTV Transmission Seminars Web page.