Vizrt Unveils Viz Social 2.0 With Flowics-Based Social Media Capabilities

 Viz Social 2.0 With Flowics-Based Social Media Capabilities
(Image credit: Vizrt)

BERGEN, Norway—Vizrt has launched an advanced version of Viz Social with a revamped interface and new Flowics-based social capabilities.

“Many conversations we have had with broadcast customers recently have reinforced the need for clever solutions regarding visualization and viewer participation tools. The acquisition of Flowics by Vizrt last year expanded our potential to offer a faster, more efficient and optimized platform for the curation, management and visualization of social media posts,” said Tehseen Akhtar, deputy global head of product management at Vizrt Group. 

Cloud-native and browser-based, Viz Social 2.0 leverages a Flowics-based interface that provides a more intuitive and improved user experience. The new version increases speed and simplicity and offers users an advance suite of integration with social media and messaging platforms. It also offers add-on extensions for Twitch and Facebook Live and can integrate custom data from RSS and JSON feeds, the company said.

The new interface simplifies navigation and content curation, improving efficiency—a benefit for busy broadcast production hubs. Users simply connect and begin curating posts from all major social media accounts to play out and offer audiences an enhanced experience with high-quality graphics and the inclusion of user-generated commentary. Advanced filters quicken the process of gathering, managing and visualizing social media content, it said.

Unique interaction mechanics, such as Flock-to-Unlock, enable producers to generate interest around exclusive content, which is unlocked by reaching a target. Audience scoring and a real-time on-air progress bar further drive audience engagement, it said.

Other capabilities include:

  • Easy integration with Vizrt graphics workflows (Viz Trio, Viz Pilot Edge).
  • Support for a wide range of broadcast graphics engines.
  • Hashtag-based polls across multiple social media platforms. 
  • Audience engagement mechanics.
  • Social media counters.
  • Streaming extensions.
  • Analytics to improve audience attraction and retention. 

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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