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Vizrt graphics illuminate Chilean elections

Two of Chile’s television networks, Television Nacional de Chile (TVN) and Channel 13 at the Catholic University (UCTV), used Vizrt graphics systems in the recent Chilean elections.

Real-time elections results came from the Viz|Virtual Studio, Viz|Trio and Viz|Content Pilot graphics systems during the country’s presidential and parliamentary elections. Comprised of more than 450 candidates in 60 districts, the amount of data and information collected for the event was extensive.

For this year’s elections, TVN deployed a new version of Viz|Virtual Studio to display election results in real-time, using graphics such as pie charts, bars, and images of the candidates. The virtual studio is controlled using Viz|Content Pilot content management and control software. For graphic creation, TVN used Viz|Trio real-time 3-D character generator to show lower thirds, over-the-shoulder shots and graphics that were updated in real-time. Both the virtual studio and graphics systems were fed directly from the official information source and from a database TVN built to tally election results.

UCTV also used Viz|Content Pilot and Viz|Trio in a similar scenario to TVN for its election coverage. UCTV recently purchased three licenses for Vizrt’s Viz|Trio and Viz|Content Pilot, which it has integrated with its current newsroom system, Avid’s iNEWS.

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