Vizrt Demos Live 4K Graphics with Red Digital Cinema and Ncam

BERGEN, NORWAY – Vizrt, Red Digital Cinema and Ncam have combined for a presentation on how high precision, immersive graphics integrated with live 4K pictures can be achieved with a handheld camera at the upcoming 2015 NAB Show.

The demonstration will feature a handheld Epic Red Dragon camera, fitted with an Ncam Live tracking system, shooting 4K images at Vizrt’s booth. The images will then be processed through Viz Engine, Vizrt’s 3D compositing system. The 4K video passes through Viz Engine using one Matrox X.mio3 and the graphics are added to the video with the new NVIDIA Quadro M6000 graphics card. The result is the ability to create graphics tied to a freely moving camera at full 4K resolution.

The 2015 NAB Show will run from April 11-16 in Las Vegas.