Vislink To Showcase Mobile Viewpoint Stellar Cam At 2022 NAB Show

(Image credit: Vislink)

HACKETTSTOWN, N.J.—Vislink today announced it will highlight its new Mobile Viewpoint Stellar Cam designed for artificial intelligence (A.I.) powered live sports production at the NAB Show (opens in new tab) in Las Vegas, April 23-27.

The new camera is the latest in Vislink’s line of cameras designed for automatic coverage of sports. Durable and weatherproofed, Stellar Cam supports ultra-high resolution, high frame rates and zooming capabilities to capture action as it happens on the field of play, the company said.

“The launch of Stellar Cam affirms our leadership position in incorporating AI-powered technology to facilitate more cost-effective news and sports productions, and we look forward to sharing all of its benefits with NAB attendees,” said Vislink CEO Mickey Miller.

“Stellar Cam represents the latest in a long line of A.I. solutions brought to market by our Mobile Viewpoint brand," he continued. "It is a key component of IQ Sports Producer, our platform for capturing live sporting events without the need for onsite staff. IQ Sports Producer is perfect for mid- and lower-tier games and matches, and enables over-the-top (OTT) media providers, media right holders and production companies to capture sporting events on a limited budget.”

IQ Sports Producer was designed to produce live streams of sports like football, rugby, basketball, hockey and handball. Recently, it was deployed to cover other sports like horse jumping and velodrome cycling. Support for more sports is being added, the company said.

A single panoramic camera captures the whole pitch, arena or track in extremely high resolution. AI is used to create a virtual camera that tracks the action of the ball and the players, creating a software cut-out of the action from the panoramic view, it said.

IQ Sports Producer can zoom, provide highlights, graphics and scoreboards, replicating an actual professional production. It also is compatible with popular performance analytics tools. By capturing and recording the entire panorama, no action is ever missed, and new content streams can be created, it said.

More information is available on the company’s website (opens in new tab)

See Vislink at NAB Show booth C7508.

Phil Kurz

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