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Vinten Vector 75 camera head stabilizes images at Fenway Park

For cameraman Tom Guilmette, who specializes in sports action shooting, the new Vinton Vector 75 camera head is his choice to get those once-in-a-lifetime shots of baseballs whizzing over home plate, footballs flying in the air and every other heart-stopping sporting moment.

Guilmette, a long time user of the previous Vector 70 model, was provided serial number one of the new Vinton 75. He used it with a Sony HDC 910 camera and Canon 75X lens for a Red Sox game.

The camera-lens combination weighs more than 50 pounds. That weight is combined with heavy winds, vibrations and temperature changes; all as the camera operator is challenged with following a ball flying through the air.

The Vector 75 offers a pivot point where an operator can swing, pan and tilt with instinct. Guilmette said the new head has the design of a pantograph — cams that breathe, rise up and down — not sitting in the traditional over-the-center position.

Vinten’s drag systems are designed to offer complete control at any level of movement. The Vector 75’s LF drag is an infinitely adjustable lubricated friction system, allowing for fine adjustment of drag levels as well as whip pan at any level of drag.

The new head also features Vinten’s adjustable Perfect Balance system. This pantographic balance system, unique to the Vector range, is suitable for camera, lens and teleprompter combinations of up to 165 pounds on the Vector 75. Combined with the LF drag system, it provides the ultimate in smooth, precise quality of movement.

The Vector 75 also features an illuminated leveling bubble, for quick and convenient set up in low light situations, and a retractable T bar slide plate positioner for controlled fore and aft camera adjustment.v