Vinten Radamec to unveil robotic head at IBC2011

Vinten Radamec, a Vitec Group brand in robotic camera support systems, will reveal its Fusion FHR-35 pan and tilt head incorporating its Intelligent Control Engineering (ICE), a new platform designed to deliver improved control and accuracy in a convenient size.

The head is aimed at a broad range of studio applications and has an upgrade option for augmented/virtual reality production environments. Designed for payloads up to 16kg, the Fusion FHR-35 uses Ethernet to connect to the HDVRC studio robotics controller or legislative system controller. The ICE internal motors and processing allow both fast and slow movement, as well as pan and tilt accuracy better than 0.01¢ª.

The Fusion FHR-35 head has been designed completely around Vinten Radamec's ICE technology. In addition to moving under robotic control, the FHR-35 also provides precise position reporting back to the controller, together with zoom and focus data from a digital lens.