Video Call Center Handles ‘Daily Blast Live’ Video Calls

PALISADES, N.Y.—The Video Call Center has answered the call for the new Tegna program “Daily Blast Live,” a daytime news and entertainment show. Using the VCC Caller Cloud video service, “DBL” has a caller acquisition and production system that enables live, interactive broadcast remote with interviewees and audience callers.

Tegan uses the Caller Cloud service to manage the process of screening and preparing callers for air in real time, including the use of the Caller Queue, which VCC describes as its green room in the cloud. The service also integrates video callers into the “DBL” production control room. Caller Cloud optimizes the visual quality and reliability of video calls originating from smartphones and other devices using native video over IP applications and public internet connections.

Callers can use their smartphones and video calling apps like Apple FaceTime, Google WebRTC and Microsoft Skype with the VCC technology.

“DBL” appears in 36 Tegna markets and live on Facebook and YouTube.