UWB-Enabled HD Coming to China First

Haier and Freescale Semiconductor have achieved a critical milestone for wireless home entertainment systems by successfully demonstrating the first Ultra-Wideband (UWB) enabled LCD HD receiver and digital media server at a recent technology forum, the companies report.

Using UWB, executives of both companies broadcast HD video-audio streams wirelessly from a digital media server to Haier's 37-inch HD screen across the width of a large stage. The firms pointed out that UWB technically gives users the ability to place a monitor anywhere in the room, without requiring a physical connection to a STB, VDR or media server.

Haier, one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers in China, reports that the digital media server and HD wireless system will become available to Chinese consumers later this year, and to U.S. consumers by 2006.

Freescale's UWB technology is capable of transferring multiple HD or MPEG2 movie streams up to 110 Mbps, over 20 meters, enabling significant freedom in the placement of home theater equipment. The Haier screen is a 37-inch 1080i LCD supporting HD and SD video and uses a component-DVI interface. The Freescale UWB antenna is embedded inside the television and is not visible to the user. No additional equipment is required and consumers need only a power source for the screen itself.

The digital media server is the size of a standard DVD player and includes DVR functionality, DVD playback capability and a tuner. UWB is a wireless technology that transmits an extremely low power signal over a wide swath of radio spectrum. Unlike conventional radio systems that operate within a relatively narrow bandwidth, Ultra-Wideband operates across a wide range of frequency spectrum by transmitting a series of very narrow and low power pulses.