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Utah Scientific Assists KEYE-TV with Graphics

Routing and master control software provider Utah Scientific has deployed a GS-4000 unit to KEYE-TV for use in graphics and text dipslay.

The graphics station will provide the Austin, Texas-based CBS affiliate with HD-quality time and temperature display, an Associated Press news crawl and sniping during live broadcasts. The added news crawls have reportedly led to additional station revenue via sponsorship deals.

KEYE Engineering Manager P.L. Laird commented in a press release on the GS-4000’s simplified workflow. He said it gave viewers a more readable image and enabled the station to release increasingly accurate and up-to-the-minute news and weather data.

"Our previous system required separate boxes for the bug and the crawl, limited the amount of text we could use, and required several precious minutes for every setup. You shouldn't have to be a shuttle pilot to put a crawl on the air, and with the GS-4000, you don't," he went on to say.

When the company’s GS-4000 is paired with their MC-4000 master control switcher, text and branding graphics can be built and saved using a composition screen, without needing to learn coding skills.