UnivistaTV Deploys a New All-Digital, IP-Based Studio

Miami-based integrator OM Systems installs UnivistaTV's internet television channel (Image credit: UnivistaTV)

HAIALIAH, Fla.—UnivistaTV, an internet TV channel launched about one year ago, is entertaining audiences with shows like "El Show de Carlucho" from its newly installed all-digital and IP-based studios.

The setup includes a For-A Hanabi production switcher, Ross Carbonite Black Live production switcher, Allen & Heath Dante-enabled SQ7 audio mixer with AoIP connectivity and Yamaha audio monitors.

UnivistaTV also is using a 72-port AEQ CrossNet intercom with TP8116 rack panels for consoles in production master control, vision and audio control and graphics. Separate TP84116 desktop panels are available to directors and spotters, the company said.

Technicians and other personnel on the set and other areas rely on AEQ Xplorer wireless beltpacks. Xplorer uses Wi-Fi technology and can run for up to 20 hours at full capacity, something that is important when cascading live recoding sessions and there’s not time for battery changes, it said.

Integrated into the channels’ AoIP flow, the entire system makes it possible to share signals between different contribution, intercom production and coordination systems. 

Audio present in the AEQ Crossnet intercom matrix is available on the Dante AoIP network as well as other equipment, such as the Allen & Heath SQ7 audio console, it said.

Callers are handled with an AEQ Systel IP16 talk-show. Multiple conference systems were installed with connectivity for multi-channel AoIP networks, it said.

Three SystelSet + Handset offer caller control from a single device. Connected to the Univista TV corporate switchboard, the system allows interconnection with all areas of the channel.

Audio signals distributed between the Crossnet matrix, the audio console and Systel IP 16 talk show system and the wired intercom user panels rely on an AoIP network using Dante and the AES67 protocol, it said.

The Xplorer wireless intercom beltpacks and user panels rely on VoIP connectivity using the AEQ/KROMA protocol. 

UnivistaTV’s voice lines and the Systel IP 16 talk show and multi-conference system, including the Systelset+ terminals, operate with SIP-based protocol VoIP in HD Voice quality, the company said.

Installation, configuration, commissioning and training were led by OM Solutions, Juan Carlos Ortolan.

More information is available on the company’s website

Phil Kurz

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