Universal Studios Buys Harrison Audio Decks

Universal Studios recently bought four Harrison film consoles--three MPC3-Ds and one MPC4-D. The MPC4-D is thirty-three feet long and has a 112 fader and 640 inputs. It shipped in May and is currently being installed in the Hitchcock Theater. Universal now has seven of the Nashville, Tenn.-based company's Digital Film Consoles, including two SeriesTwelves now in use at Universal's new BluWave facility.

The MPC4-D features built-in TFT display screens above faders with a visual representation of Harrison's PreViewT waveform-envelope, channel name, stem assignments, EQ graph, dynamics graph, aux sends, input metering and a panning display. The console also includes Harrison's IKIST Automation platform and two Digital Tools Cards that feature 64 onboard bus limiters, audio looping and a package of "film-specific" software plug-ins.