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U.K.: BT Vision, NBCU Offer HD Movies via Broadband

An agreement which took effect this month between BT Vision and NBC Universal gives BT's DTV subscribers access to HD movie downloads from Universal's studio library. BT uses IPTV broadband to wirelessly download content via a proprietary set-top box (V-box) to the home TV for viewing.

BT's expanded VOD service (opens in new tab) does not require replacing existing V-boxes; subs are billed for each download only after a first-viewing has begun. The BT-NBCU deal allows subs to view the content as much as they want over a continuous 48-hour period.

Some Universal film titles, among others, currently available for "rental" to BT subs across the United Kingdom include "The Incredible Hulk," "Wanted," "Charlie Wilson's War," "E.T.—The Extra Terrestrial," "Shaun of the Dead," and "Miami Vice."

However, BT's VOD fees are not inexpensive (at least by U.S. standards). Rental of a recently released film in HD will run you about $9. An older film is about $5.40 a pop.