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Twitter Raises $5.17 Million

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter reportedly raised $5.17 million in new common and Series E preferred stock, according to a regulatory filing dug up by PEHuband GigaOm. The latter connected the issuance to Twitter’s December acquisition of Mixer Labs, a geo-API developer.

Twitter previously raised $98.2 million in Series E funding from Benchmark Capital, Insight Venture Partners, Morgan Stanley, Institutional Venture Partners, Spark Capital and T Rowe Price, PEHub said. The company has raised more than $160 million total. Twitter reached profitability last year on a $25 million syndication deal with Google and Microsoft, according to Wired.

Some 589 TV stations use twitter, according to The site features a list of the latest tweets from the listed TV stations. (Editor’s Note: This site provides an excellent snapshot of just how diverse local news is across the country.)