TVU Provides Video Sharing of California Governor’s Office COVID Briefings

TVU Grid (Image credit: TVU)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) has opted to purchase a complete TVU Networks live video package for the task of sharing live coverage of the governor’s weekly COVID-19 press briefings to local and national broadcasters, as well as cable news networks.

Since April, Cal OES has been participating in TVU’s Project Pool Feed, which allowed government entities to provide essential video pool feeds for news stations. Now Cal OES has its own TVU equipment to serve as a longer-term solution for distributing content to local and national media outlets.

The TVU package includes a TVU One transmitter, TVU Transceiver and TVU Grid. The TVU One allows for coverage of remote briefings from any location. TVU Grid provides scalable live video distribution to TV, radio, news publications, news portal, social media platforms, CDNs and the state’s website. 

The TVU Transceiver, meanwhile, serves as the backbone of the TVU ecosystem, able to host multiple TVU applications and enabling users to view, manage and monitor all video content from one device. It also is the gateway to TVU Grid, allowing IP content to be routed and distributed within a network or partner networks, TVU says.

“The services provided by TVU have been critical for us to provide information to the public, while doing that through a safe means for staff and principals,” said Brian Ferguson, deputy director of Crisis Communications with Cal OES. “We were able to get the equipment set up without difficulty and begin providing crucial information to Californians.”

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